My Name is Kenneth Lee Sands and I am a Game Designer Storyteller Technical Writer

I am a professional writer with extensive technical and entrepreneurial experience. I’m currently working on a personal project of mine, an app-assisted adventure board game called Kenji’s Quest and preparing it for Kickstarter.

To help fund my project—and since finishing my formal education in 2008—I have performed a variety of tasks for various businesses and individuals. For example, I’ve worked as a technical writer with a team of programmers, covered tech as a journalist, developed websites, and helped small businesses with information technology and accounting. I also write children’s books, poetry, and other creative stories.

If it has to do with business, project management, technology, writing—or anything creative or analytical—I love it and have the skills to do it at a professional level.

Should you wish to contact me, you can do so via the social media sites I use or by email at